General Information About Highlanders (5)

How big does a Highlander get?

Highlanders are considered a large breed compared to the average domestic cat, but they actually come in all sizes. Females are generally smaller than males.

Is there any wild or exotic blood in Highlanders?

Although some of the breeds that were used to create the Highlander have exotic blood, specifically the Jungle Cat, the Highlander is considered a completely domestic cat and by far the majority of cats have absolutely no wild or exotic blood in them.

Do Highlanders have extra toes on their feet?

The Highlander Standard (the description of the ideal Highlanders that breeders wish to achieve in their own cats) does not accept polydactyl or extra toes, however some of the breeds that have been used to create the Highlander were polydactyl so we do see this feature in some of our kittens.

What is the Highlander personality like?

Highlanders in general are very outgoing and social cats. They are very trusting and everyone is their friend. They love their humans and are very patient and tolerant. They do well with adults, children, and all sorts of animals.

Are Highlanders active cats?

Highlanders can be very active cats, although they are not as prone to getting into mischief as some of the other active breeds. As a rule, they play hard, they sleep soundly, and they love unconditionally.

Health and Care of Your New Highlander (2)

Do Highlanders have any special grooming needs?

Because of the stiff cartilage of their curled ears the Highlander usually requires routine hygiene so that there is not an exorbitant build up of wax in the ear canals that could create an ideal medium for ear mites, yeast, or other infections to grow.

Do Highlanders require any special diet?

No, Highlanders do very well on a high quality cat food.