Chepi, Brown Spotted Girl – Curled Ears, Hock Length Tail

Chepi 2016 0704 03

Chepi is a typical female – independent and adventurous, however she loves interacting with people and is constantly ‘petting’ my face and asking for loves and attention. She was being evaluated as a breeder but we have decided she deserves … Continue reading

Maya, Silver Spotted Girl – Curled Ears, Naturally Short Tail

Silver Girl 2015 0907 09

Maya is a very sweet silver spotted Highlander with curled ears and a naturally short tail. As with her siblings she is very people oriented. She is spayed and is waiting for the perfect home to adopt her. If interested, … Continue reading

Tamara, Brown Mackerel Girl – Curled Ears, Naturally Short Tail

Tamara 2016 0905 03

Tamara is a very sweet, long-haired Highlander. Although she doesn’t like having her picture taken (as evidenced by the slideshow below) she is truly a beautiful girl, and in fact has won the majority of merits when she has been … Continue reading